favorite dual cooling fan?

Hi gang,
Have had my Taz 5 a couple of weeks and can already see the advantage of having dual print cooling. I’ve heard there’s a couple of options to print. Would appreciate input on favorite duct/ducts? I’m assuming I can get the actual fans on LulzBot or Amazon? Am I to new to be doing this, I’m not all that familiar with things like fan speeds yet, but have noticed a kind of lopsided print, slight, from one side being cooled more readily. Thanks

I like this one, but you need an e3d v6 for it. I may be biased about that one though heh.

I like this one lol:


I used all of the taz 6 stuff, had to take a chunk out of my fan with some side cutters to clear the z bed screw, but ive probably got 1000+ hours on it since doing that easy.

Thanks for the input guys. Now I need to choose. :slight_smile: