TAZ Dual V3 Cooling Mod?

Has anyone come across a mod or tips to help improve the cooling of this toolhead? I’m not talking about the heatsink for the brake, but the actual fans/ducts to cool the print. I am getting really tired of having to direct a small fan I have at the print in order to reduce the PLA curling. Printing a jack-o-lantern and the bottom (due to amount of overhang) was curling bad. As it was printing you could see the layer (and previous 2-3) was soft and moving up from where they should have been. Pointed a fan and about 1-2 layers later the problem was gone.

Maybe it’s worth starting with higher CFM fans?

The part cooling fans are 24V while the heat sink fan is 5V. The OEM for the 24V part cooling fans does have higher CFM fans in the same form factor, but their minimum order quantity is in the hundreds making it a little bit expensive for an individual. Higher CFM 5V fans are available.

I’ve just mounted two external 80mm, 12V fans on the frame. 12V fans in a variety of form factors are easy to find.

The fans are controlled by a hat on the Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint. A plugin sends the parameter from the M106 gcode commands to a script that controls the speed via the hat.