Filament colours? What's available and where?

This question has probably been asked a million times, so I’ve been looking around and some of the links on this website no longer work (usually old outdated links).
I wish to print out in several special unusual colours for several projects I have in mind- I have found some, but their expensive and highly unusual.
Just wondering if anyone has come across some odd website selling odd colours- (not advertising anything- ok!)

Such websites I found : has some odd colours, Concrete Grey and Turquoise Blue & Green? has Christmas Green, Galaxy Blue, Sulphur Yellow and Vertigo Galaxy? (Dark Grey) and many more…
And of course there are odds and sods on Ebay and Amazon.

I have to admit I’m actually looking for a skin colour and some tan like colours, soft shades through to mid to light and dark brown. I’m doing my usual next super sizing Lego project (Well into 918- got all the colours for that one!) but now I’m preparing for my next one: 9469 and that’s where the soft shades come in- Lego likes to chose difficult colours to find, but I suppose that if they use ABS in those colours then I should be able to track down a suitable substitute?
The full list of colours and parts is on PrintABrink (And yes I did repair all the damaged STL files in that folder…as I downloaded them-see my other questions on here.)

Oh as an extra question: Is it possible for people to show what these colours look like in real finished prints in day light please?- the pictures of reels are hard to tell sometimes. (especially with semi-transparent colours)

The flesh tones you will be fighting with the Enable project people on that one! I know one of the local people involved in the project just bought a whole bunch of the 3MM to have on hand and sell to others on the project.

Seems like some people are out to make money off anything these days! Did you hear about the young lady who wasn’t allowed to recharge her arm because the people in the room thought it was a toy and wouldn’t let her access to a power point!
Getting back to filaments I did find some flesh coloured stuff on either amazon or ebay but it was quite expensive and only available in 1.75mm and at 0.5kg, if I can’t find anyone else…needs must but I do have some time before I commit to the new project. Would be nice to know where your friend bought his?

Did you try matterhackers? I know that in Pro PLA and “basic” ABS they have a tan color that looks pretty fleshy to me…not sure about what colors they have in their Pro ABS…

If I go to the local maker space meeting tonight I can ask him. But the local group has access to both size filament printers. So 1.75/2.85 MM is not a real issue.

A bit off the wall… but if you only need small batches, try markers to get the unique colors.

Clever idea but a tad messy? Matterhackers is a bit on the expensive side and I think its a US company- so postage costs would be prohibitive? (not sure) I live in the UK so import taxes are a bit of a problem with anything over £100 coming in. ( lots of experience with ebay on that one!) I’ve done research in to flesh colours and I think I can get some on amazon- again a bit expensive but then again if I tweak the print whilst in cura that could lower the amount needed.
Its the weird colours that are proving to be the problem- the reels in the picture bits of the shops (websites) look ok but some sites also show what they look like when printed out- and there’s the problem? the colours shift slightly- and become more whitened in some cases- not too bad for solid colours but with trans or clear filaments the shift can be off putting, making the material look totally different from the desired affect/original material. I know there are methods of trying to keep the colours pretty much the same- but if you look at he photo I posted you can see that issue with this model isn’t the main bugger!
With PLA (which I might have to swop with) there are many colours available, but with ABS the range is limited and strange colours became expensive, especially with 3mm filament? I know there are other plastics out there that can do similar things as ABS with some odd colours- not a problem as long as they are not elastic or rubberised materials- I also have to think about kid friendly too ( as an extra note NGEN plastic is too brittle and smashes into glass like slithers not something kids want to be a round).
I’ll just have to try looking in the odd places on the web to find these strange colours!
If I find anything i’ll let you know.
many thanks everyone.