While owning my own business, im constantly looking for prices and quality. Question, does anyone know where to fine the best “bang for your buck” filament. I am willing to buy in large quantity, so far, EBAY has a few that sell at a reasonable price, and quantity. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Be sure you get something good though, not pounds & pounds of junk filament as is often found on ebay.

Cheapest would probably be to make your own filament from raw pellets…but that is another machine to build.

Well, I wouldnt mind buying directly from LULZ , but they want $42 bucks for the roll +$42 bucks shipping… lol not gonna happen

We’re getting more filament into more warehouses (Philadelphia, USA; Toronto, Canada; & UK), so shipping prices may be lower for you. It greatly depends where you are for shipping though.

If you look at the “reputable” filament vendors, those price are pretty much similar. Personally I don’t print enough plastic to try saving a few bucks a roll, if it means running the risk of getting poor quality filament.

What I would like to see is smaller amounts, like 1 pound instead of 1kg, this would allow me to buy more colors.

As for shipping, ground shipping is $9.82 to Canada, which is pretty cheap…

No, the problem for me is that Lulzbot uses UPS. I consider UPS to be thieves, I always get charged huge customs clearance charges by UPS which for moderately priced products amount to almost as much as the product value! (fortunately it was not the case with my AO-100) This never happens with USPS or Fedex.

So I’ve been eagerly waiting for Lulzbot to ship filament from Toronto to buy a couple of ABS reels. :slight_smile:

At present, we do have filament in Toronto, just not all colors. The problem is, is that it is hard for users of our website to know where something is in stock. We want to add flags or something that show where inventory is located, but this is non-trivial. The tedious way to find out is to add it to your cart and checkout and see if it gets charged international shipping or not.

Here’s what I see in stock at present in Toronto in 1kg ABS:
Fluorescent Yellow
Light Silver
LulzBot Green

For 1kg PLA:
Translucent Light Blue
Translucent Green (not very translucent)
Translucent Red (not very translucent)
LulzBot Green

Misc 1kg:

I hear you about UPS Ground border surcharges. It can happen with FedEx too, if it is sent FedEx Ground. If you go air, you don’t get those penalties (typically). We are working on stocking more & more in Toronto.



OK I see it now, if I put parts in my cart that do not ship from Toronto, the shipping reverts to international.

The colors I wanted were ABS blue and either ABS fluorescent yellow or Lulzbot green, all three are stock in TO. I guess this means there’s no reason to belay my order anymore uh? :smiley:

When shipping from Toronto aren’t you required to charge the GST (Goods & Services Tax)? The tax doesn’t show in the cart.


We are set up with a Canadian Business number to collect GST/HST. Our system isn’t sophisticated enough to calculate the taxes on split shipments though, so until we get the Toronto warehouse fully stocked, we’re not collecting it, but we will pay it! Basically, we have to eat the tax expense for now.

i just wanted to say thank you for setting up a warehouse in canada, we are hurting badly for a good reputable supplier here.

though it would be nice to know in your site what you had available here some how.

but mostly thank you so much. that ups tax here is a killer.

We have all the colors of PLA in Canada now (unless something sold out recently). There is a lot more ABS on order, which will be a few weeks before it is there ready to be shipped out. So we should have every color of ABS, PLA, HIPS, PC, and maybe Nylon there. We also have some random parts (powersupplies, etc.) but will be adding more & more over the coming months. We would like to have full stock in all three Canada, EU, and USA warehouses.

I got my ABS spools today! :slight_smile: I chose Expedited which was only $1.25 more than standard shipping. I placed my order around midnight between Monday-Tuesday, it was processed and shipped during the day Tuesday. Impressive!

Thanks Lulzbot!

Great, happy printing! :slight_smile:

That Lulzbot green is gorgeous. Glad I didn’t choose the fluo yellow which might have been a tad too flashy for my taste. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m printing a large herringbone gear ATM and will print the small one later. I plan to replace my boring black ones with these. :smiley:

Nice. The LulzBot green prints really nice. The fluorescent yellow is eyeball burning. :slight_smile: