Filament doesn't stick to bed and sticks to extruder, can't print ANYTHING =(

When printing with my lulzbot mini, it worked the first 25 prints or so. This morning when I tried to print something, all of the filament that comes out just sticks to the nozzle and not the print bed. And the little amount that does stick to the print bed just gets shaken off. :cry: :blush: I am printing with black 3mm ABS. Extruder Temp: 240 Bed Temp: 110. Someone, anyone PLEASE help!


Are you using any ABS juice or PVA glue? Also, what speeds are you printing at for your first layer? I would make sure to really clean off your nozzle too. I recently had a nylon print fail overnight and the nozzle was completely covered in nylon. I heated the nozzle to ~230 and used a cotton rag to wipe off the excess. Good as new!

I have found cleaning the bed several times if not more are needed sometimes. I use vinegar based Windex which seems to work pretty good for me. YMMV.

Depending on what you have printed previously determines if you need to use Acetone also sometimes or even water to remove glue. I have seen beds that are pretty polished(shiny) also which makes it hard to get things to stick also.

Dumb question, but are you sure the bed is actually heating up? You said you set it for 110c, but if the heater or wiring has failed, attempting ABS on a cold PEI surface could explain the lack of adhesion you describe.


I have checked out some new Kickstarter project. or just search for EZ Stick Its their Second project in solutions for all-around filament adhesive solutions for most 3d printers.

I have already tried out the first project they had on Gecko-Plates and man i must say that really changed my 3d printer days. The patent Coating they use really covers most of the filaments on the market today.

Things to check:

  1. Clean your bed with at least 70% Isopropyl alcohol

  2. Get yourself some 1500 grit sandpaper from your local auto parts store and LIGHTLY wet sand the bed. Follow that up with wiping down with your Isopropyl alcohol and try again

  3. Make sure your bed is actually heating up. The printer has checks for this, but always good to make sure it’s getting hot.

  4. If that doesn’t work, we’ll need to calibrate your Z height.

Can you post a video of a closeup of the printer starting to print? It would really help diagnose your issue.


If anyone else has this problem (this appears to be an older post) I experienced the exact same issue. Worked great when new but stopped sticking after 20 or so prints. I smeared a super thin dot of hair gel on the bed as thin as possible with my finger - holy cow it works AMAZING!

Functions like new, cost virtually nothing, and doesn’t require ordering/purchase of any special glue. No sanding or anything abrasive. Although probably overkill I now make a practice of re coating every few prints to ensure maximize bed adhesion.