Filament end does not melt

SO what does it mean when a PLA filament stops extruding and looks like this when you pull it out?


Need more info. What temp were you trying to extrude at? Was this as soon as you loaded the filament? If so what was the filament being used before this one? It looks like a clog, you can research how to clear clogs.

I was printing at 200 deg when it first stopped, but tried the at 220 and the same thing happened. The nozzle is hot, and melts the material if I touch it it. But it just gets stuck as soon as load the filament and it looks unmelted at the end when it pull it out.

It does look like some kind of clog. You need to remove the nozzle and see why you filament looks like it’s not moving through. If you printed PETG or Nylon previously for example, there could be a wad of material that is not melting at the very end. You could also try just cranking the heat up a bit and extruding a bit to see if that gets things flowing.

I’m also curious about the flair in your filament path 2/3 of the way up from the bottom. Make sure that your nozzle is installed tight against the heatbreak.

Your nozzle/filament path has a clog. The large bulge is the space between the plastic idler body part and the top of the hot end assembly. The smaller bulge to the right of that one is the gap in the hot end that the brass adapter is screwed in at. From the looks of it about where the heat break comes out of the cold end of the hot end assembly is where the clog is.

But the bulges also tell me your cold end fan is not working very well, as the filament should not be warm/soft enough to deform like that up that far in the cold end. That will cause clogging issues as the heat will make the filament expand and grip the sides of the heatbreak…

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