Filament stuck

My PLA filament just got stuck in the nozzle of my Lulzbot mini 2. I have tried cooling down, heating, but it stays stuck.
Can anyone help me please?

If you can still grab and pull the filament, remove the hotend cooling fan and warm up the hotend to 220. While it is heating, pull firmly on the filament. Usually, it will soften the filament that is stuck in the cold section of the hotend enough to pull out. It takes a few minutes for the cool section to warm up enough to release the plastic. Be patient.

It worked!

Everyrhing is back to normal again. Thank you for helping me.

In the future, you don’t need to remove the cooling fan. Just stop it from spinning or block the intake.

I’m happy it worked out for you!

Tech support suggested I tape over the fan - did not help me but maybe it will help someome else - filament stayed stuck and had to take the head apart

I tried taking the fan off and heating it to 220 but I too couldn’t get the filament back out. I’ve taken the toolhead off and took it mostly apart. I can see the filament guide path and hot end but how do I get the cold filament out? Heat it with a heat gun? I’ve never had to do this before. With my hexagon ends, I could manage with a cold pull. I’d appreciate any help with this I can get.

If you have the nozzle off and access to the top of the hotend, heat with a heat gun and press the plastic out with a small hex key.