Impossibly clogged filament

I’ve been trying for a while to unclog PLA filament from my Lulzbot Mini. I was able to get some of it out but there is still a bit that seems to be stuck somewhere around the hot end. I think I might be able to get to this if I were able to remove the nozzle, but I’m finding that to be an impossible task–no matter how much I try with a wrench, the nozzle won’t turn independently of the hot end.

I’m including a picture showing about where I think the filament is stuck. You can see how scratched up the hot end has gotten from me trying to get the nozzle off. Any suggestions are welcome!

Before you continue you should reach out to the support team by sending details of what you’re encountering and your contact information to

Will do

Check this thread showing how to change the nozzle.

Heating it will make it easier. I’ve cleared a nozzle clogged with ABS using acetone, but I have no experience using PLA.