filament that doesnt absorb moisture

has anyone come across a filament that does not absorb moisture? i live with high humidity so my ABS and nylon gets super bubbly. i have some storage cointainers with dessicant but i still have to put the rolls in the oven a bunch to dry out.

is HIPS better?

i would like a roll that i could just leave on the printer and not have to take off every time, and it doesnt absorb any moisture. anyone found a material like that?


My environment is pretty moist. I combated the moisture by making a box out of plywood. Printed 8 corner brackets, cut and planed the plywood into 6 segments, varnished each side then bolted it all together leaving the lid off and sealed all the gaps with silicone. I siliconed all around the top of the walls where the lid connects and let it dry. Inside I stuck an m6 x 25mm (I think) bolt through one side with a nut on the end to keep it still, the filament reel catches in place on this then I just push a much longer m6 bolt through the other side which holds it still. inside the box I have 2 silica gel packs on the floor, one stuck in each end with thumbtacks , then on the lid there’s a hole drilled for filament to feed through with two more silica gel packs thumb tacked right next to it. Feed the plastic through then bolt the lid on, it pushes down into the silicone making a decent seal and I’ve not had a single problem since. Once I’ve finished printing I remove the filament from the extruder and push it back into the box leaving just 3mm or so to grab and pull it back out next time.

There are better ways of making a box but I had all that stuff lying around doing nothing anyway so it cost nothing and was really quick and easy to build.

I found HIPS will absorb moisture as well, slower, but it still does. The best material I’ve found that way is PETG. I can leave it on there and it doesn’t absorb enough to cause issues. It’s become my primary material for that reason along with lower cost, strength and heat resistance close to ABS, and ease of use. I use eSun and MakerGeeks for my PETG and have had good luck with both.

thanks. i want to get a good box with dessicants for long term storage but i like the PETG idea for something i can leave out just for generally testing stuff and not have to put it away all the time.

Sounds great so i just ordered some PETG thanks!

I think that HIPS is not hygroscopic at all.
I have left rolls of this out for a very long time. It always prints the same.
Not so with PLS, ABS, Ngen, and others.

Ninjaflex and Semiflex don’t seem to be water sucker uppers, either!

yea after a bunch of more research I agree with you . HIPS is what i want. thanx

PETG is somewhat hygroscopic (this word is handy for googling) but not completely