Airtight filament delivery system for Taz

Hi there,

Has anyone built something like this for your Taz?
Thinking of doing something similar to this

But instead of placing it beside, was planning on putting it on top of the printer (I read that if the spool was on top, it would help reduce some issues with the filament jamming or something, correct me please if I’m wrong, really not sure about this)

Rationale for doing this is that I intend to print with PVA and Nylon so I can avoid absorbing moisture…

Thoughts please

Airtight will not remove moisture, and even a sealed polymer container will still let some moisture in over time. Though it is better than nothing.

I plan on making a de-humidifying chamber like this one to print nylon, etc. it is simply a bucket with holes in it and a light-bulb to heat it.

This could sit beside the printer, and the filament can go up, wrap around an empty spool, and then into the extruder.

Yes definitely. But thats where the desiccant comes in. I’m intending to put this in.

Why would you need to wrap it around an empty spool instead of feeding it straight in?

since it would be sitting next to the printer with the filament coming out the top. I would not really wrap it around. more like use the empty spool as a pulley to curve it around.

I am not sure how fast a desiccant system would dry a moist spool. It may be good at keeping a certain humidity level, but not sure how fast it can remove it. I know that heating is used to dry polymers before injection molding them.

Much cheaper and work well:


Not advertising, but best money I ever spent. I just turn it on an hour or two before I print (unless its been a couple of days, then I turn it on for 3-4 hours).

Some say a dehydrator works just as well, but for $80 I wasn’t fiddling around. I use it to dehydrate my nylon, so it should work fine with ABS.

Now I will have to find a way to mount it to my Taz.