Firmware update after Cura2 lulz released

So the day that Cura 2 Lulz edition was released, I downloaded it. I connected it to my printer and I got a notification that their was new firmware. So I uploaded it to my printer. For whatever reason, it borked my Z offset. I notice it starts leveling in the back left instead of Front left and it raises the nozzle higher for the leveling. But my Z offset got reset to something like -1.85. I am at -1.24 right now and still dialing it back in. But did anyone else run into this. Support gave me a non answer when I asked about this. The 1st told me it would reset all the settings. Then another tech told me it would not change that setting. So hard to know what is correct. I just wanted to know if anyone else ran into this? If so, did you have to change anything else other than the Z offset?

The new firmware (1.1.5) has a different saved settings layout – so it sets everything to firmware defaults the first time it starts, because it cannot use the old saved settings structure from earlier (1.0.xx) versions.

The M851 z-offset firmware default for Mini is -1.38. The probing measures washer position slightly different from firmware 1.0.xx, so using the z-offset from 1.1.0.xx versions (assuming you remember what it was) doesn’t work well either. I ended up with mine at -1.28 (Mini 1.03/Foxglove) to get same physical height above bed that -1.40 gave me on

The default M92 Esteps (I have SingleExtruder) is 833, same as in earlier versions. If you had changed Esteps from the default in previous version, you’ll need to set it again as it will be at firmware default after flashing 1.1.5.

Don’t forget to save (M500) your changes. :slight_smile:

Those are the only two I think will commonly need attention after flashing. Heater PID default values are the same, but if you changed them to autotune values in prior firmware, you’ll need to change them again. XY steps are the same defaults (100.5), but if you changed them in prior firmware, you’ll need to change them again.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Lots of people used the “z-offset” field in the previous version of Cura (Cura 21.xx) software to slightly increase/decrease squish (the z-offset in Cura21 changed Z coordinates during slicing, and was therefore “additive” to whatever the printer’s M851 firmware offset was). That feature does not exist in Cura 2.6 release! So any adjustment that users were making via the z-offset field in Cura 21.xx will now have to be included in (i.e., added to) the printer’s firmware M851 offset.