First Creation - Haven't Modeled in a while :)

So I have been using 3d printers for almost a year now and finally decided to try to create my own thing to print. I haven’t 3d Modeled anything in a while so I’m still refining this. It’s coming along a little better than expected and It’s actually somewhat posable which was a big goal for me.

The Main body was printed on my Lulzbot Mini and the interior components where done on my Zeepro Zim (RIP Zeepro) running octoprint. The only thing here that was not printed was obviously the clear dome.

Nice model happyhippy!

It looks really clean. How much experience do you have in CAD? You seem to really have things together with this model.

Thanks! I have a degree in 3d modeling and animation but haven’t modeled anything for about 8 years :confused: Bought the printers to try to get back into modeling, needed a fun hobby, so far it’s been a blast!

Ahh that is a perfect way to get back into it! I am just self teaching myself right now but I am getting by. Keep up the good work.