New Mini!!!

I decided to dive into 3d printing, did my homework and decided to buy a Mini!!! The reviews are great on this one.

I’m actually blown away by how far these things have come, as I looked into 3d printers when they first came out, and decided to wait. I’m glad I did!

This one has been flawless out of the box. I received it yesterday and have already printed a dozen things, all without a hitch, using HIPS from Gizmo Dorks (what a bizarre name!!).

Today, I setup a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint and I am loving that. It freed up my laptop. I am now printing a case with a camera housing for it, from the Pi!

I can’t wait to get into flexible and metalic stuff. That will come soon enough as I’m still learning this machine. I am very surprised at how durable the HIPS plastic is.

So far, I have managed to scrape a few dings into the floor. I don’t see that these are available just now, but I will get one soon enough. This one seems to still work fine, even with dings.

Anyway, I am just amazed at how well this thing works!!

One odd thing is that when this thing is printing, sometimes it plays music. Last night, one got stuck in my head…I know, odd…

Right now it’s saying, “Wee Wee Moo Moo” over and over from time to time… The Y axis stepper is VERY noisy…

Take care,

I have no idea why the pic is rotated wrong. It’s fine here! I even rotated it and reuploaded it…

Oh well, sorry you have to look sideways…

Congrats on the new Mini! I have a special bond with mine. Sometimes late at night during a long print I’d swear I hear voices coming from it… lol!

Here’s a link to anything you might need including a new bed. These guys will treat you right.

Thanks for the link!

If Lulzbot doesn’t have the parts, then those folks will be getting some business…

Take care,