First few layers

I am new to 3d printing, I just purchased a used TAZ 6. I have done a few prints and every one of them has the same issue. The first 3/4 mm of the print are really rough.

I thought maybe its not heating up enough so I put a raft down and it still does the same thing to the model. See the photos.

I am not sure how to post the stl file if that would be helpful?

Any help, suggestions would be greatful. TY

what filament are you printing?

The filament is Verbatim PLA Black 3 mm, it came with the machine.

which version of cura are you running

3.6.3 I downloaded a few days ago.

I just sent a print and noticed that the filament is not coming out of the end all the time when it lays down the first row. Could this be the problem? Why would it not be putting filament down constantly? Could it be the tension? Like I said I am new at this. The manual doesn’t say much.

I would give it a try with the old cura the one that came with the printer some people are having problems I see with the new cura…I use the cura that came with my printer for now …I did have some edge layer issues with the newer cura myself so rather then mess for now I went back to the older version …(newbie here also!).give it a try and see what happens good chance it will work…

don’t mess with the tension…try the old cura first!

I got the printer used, didn’t come with. Know of a URL for the old version. I could google old version, what is it?

i think it’s 2.3something i’m not at work so i can’t tell you exact will do tomorrow…

appreciate it, ty

the version I’m using is 21.04 came with the printer…like I mentioned some are having issues… are you printing with the chip card or from the computer…I think I had my issue when using the chip card…I’ll be trying it out sometime in a few days to see if the newer cura is working for me…

I figured out the issue, it is with my bed, there is a crack in it so it is not flat, there is a dip in the bed so the filament will not contact the bed for the first few layers to adhere correctly.

I did find this link to old versions of the software,

Thank you for your help.

glad you got it!

New Taz owner here. Having a similar issue but just with the second layer. The first and third print fine. The second is wavy and looks almost like it is not putting enough filament down. But then the Third and rest of the layers are nice and flat and well bonded. Tried with nGen, PLA, and even Bronzfill… all the same.

I am using Cura 2.6.52

What setting/settings could I be missing?