First print and the rocktapus ripped my bed :(

Hi as per title, see below:

I’m right in thinking this sticky sheet is a PEI sheet? And I’m right in thinking this is the replacement, right?

But $45 US?? Seems expensive! Is it possible just to peel the PEI off and then use glue sticks for ABS printing instead? Or can I get the PEI sheets somewhere else cheaper? I mean I know lulzbot aren’t trying to rip us off but that seems expensive for plastic.

No that is a P.E.T. sheet, a P.E.I sheet is a light amber color.

I’m glad I asked thanks for the info. Can I just peel it off and print without it though? Going to be a while before a new one arrives.


Also do you know where I can get it besides lulzbot? They charge $67 USD to ship 5 bits of plastic to Australia…!!! :question:

You take a good chance of taking a chip of glass out of the surface if you try and print on the bare glass surface. Look on Amazon for possible source. Also try to move the model so it is not on the damaged section while you wait for the replacement.

My bed has many tears like this, I just take a blade and cut the plastic in that area off so it’s still flat but with the bed exposed. I try to not print in that area of my bed but even when I do I never have a problem.

Its a PEI sheet, not PET!! PEI is what Taz puts on all its machines.

Amazon and this is a little thicker (works for me) than you need and its 12 x 12 inches.

The adhesive sheet, it comes in a 6 pak.

No warranty expressed or implied.

You can get the old one off, I carefully used acetone to loosen the glue. You need to figure out the best way to cut the sheet, if needed.
No you won’t break the glass or gouge a hole in the PEI if you learn how to take things off the bed.

Get a removable bed like PrintinZ, Buildtak… just clip it onto the glass. You may lose a few mm of printable Z space, but I think the convenience will pay off.

The green coating is PET tape, and was shipped standard on TAZ 1 through 4. We did not move to the PEI until the Mini, and subsequently the TAZ 5. The PET tape will not be salvageable, as it was designed to be easily replaced:

The PEI is much hardier, and does not require the ABS and Acetone solution that was recommended for PET tape. (In fact, never use acetone on PEI.) You can see directions for replacing PEI here:

As a note, we will never recommend printing directly on glass. The PET tape and PEI sheets are there to protect your borosilicate glass plate as much as help adhesion. We have a notice up in the forum about printing directly on glass here:

Thanks for the info, so since I have a Taz 3 I have to use PET tape? Or can I just use PEI tape now?


Straight to the PEI! The TAZ 3 uses a 24v bed, in fact the same one we use on the 5. You can find the PEI sheet in our store with adhesive pre-attached, or you can source the PEI and Adhesive from multiple locations. There are quite a few locations to source from, and most are compiled in these posts:

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I learned something today, I thought the OP had a 5 and assumed all TAZ machines had a PEI bed. FYI, I have never tried this but some of the people over on the MakerGear forum are just clipping the PEI sheet to the glass with those spring binder clips they use in offices. . But anyway when my existing sheet goes bad I will they the clips and see what happens on the replacement bed.

You can either PET or PEI.

Hey ITW you are who I bought the printer from… it prints brilliantly BTW, cheers.

Yes, that’s us, glad it’s working well for you!