PEI for TAZ <5

Now that there is a TaZ 5, when do you expect to have available the PEI surface for the rest of TAZ owners? :slight_smile: i expected to find it available along the hexagon head but it was not. :frowning:
Btw, does the new Taz5 have the PSU integrated on the body?.

I am also looking forward to this, I have the upgrade fever. I am not even done building my kittaz and I’m already trying to upgrade it.

We are working on getting PEI + Adhesive + backing made so we can sell it in individual units. I don’t have a date, but would expect it within 30 days.

Thank you for this update! I am also interested in upgrading and thinking about what to order and such, so any information is helpful.

I would love to have a source for the sheets WITHOUT the adhesive. I have been in production with PEI (sourced from Mcmaster-carr and Amazon) for about 6 months now. I have been using on my TAZ3s and 4s.

I alligator clip to glass and just bend off the parts. I do not have to wait for the bed to cool fully down.
Having adhesive already on that will not work with my process.

I would prefer to have the Lulzbot sheets vs the ones I have been sourcing the matte finish is far better than my hand sanded with 1200 grit.

The Amazon sheets have 1 gloss and 1 matte side. The matte is really nice. I haven’t seen the TAZ PEI so I can’t compare but I could’t imagine a better finish. What thickness PEI do you use? I experimented with no adhesive but on a 12" round Rostock bed it would never stay flat enough print after print (.03 - .04" thick).


The 0.0625 inch sheet I purchased from Amazon was shiney on both sides. It never did work well. I think it was a combination of the material being a little thick and my Z axis having too much backlash. I’ve since cured the backlash problem with a little Z offset. I am going to further improve the Z with some nice lead screws in a few days! A

I will be ordering the PEI the Taz as soon as it is available. The way it works on the Mini is incredible!

I use the 0.0625 as well. Both sides came shiny as well. None of the sheets ever came flat. I put the sheet on the bed as “dish up”. I use the alligator clips to hold it down securely. The TAZ5 sheet is superior to what I can hand finish, for sure.

A red scuffing pad takes that shine off of PEI really well.

Just a bump to ask if there’s any update on availability? I held off buying replacement PET sheets for my print bed once I heard the PEI would be sold on its own. Can’t wait!

I can confirm the PEI sold by McMaster-Carr works great. They are shiny but it doesn’t matter at all. They stick to your print. If anything they stick too well.

You can cut the shine with 1200 grit sandpaper and get a nice matte finish on the part. It is very difficult keeping that high gloss so eventually you will probably need to sand it.

We have had difficulty making this with the exact PEI + adhesive + paper backing we want. So this is delayed. We are also looking at having this made by another supplier. I suggest McMaster for now. I don’t have a part number for them.


The 0.010 PEI type film that is used on the TAZ 5 is:

But it is sold in a 12’X24’ size.

Can I cut the PEI sold by to fit the bed size on my TAZ 4 or should I wait for Lulzbot to sell it???

You should be able to cut the .010" PEI with a boxcutter. The thicker stuff can be cut with a bandsaw, dremel or whatever electric you have on hand.

If you’re not in a hurry, wait for the LB replacement. It should be drop-in fit. But it really seems they are having problems sourcing certain parts and fullfill continue to fulfill TAZ5 supplies. Should just be a minor setback until they find more reliable sources…

I bought .0625" thick (love it by the way) from McMaster-Carr and I can cut it with a pair of titanium snips.

This one?

Yes but here is a link directly to the specific item:

And all you have to do is cut it at the corners, maybe 1/4" in each direction to avoid interference at the corner brackets. It will become obvious when you get the sheet and dry fit it on the glass and place it on the brackets, where you’ll have to trim it. There is no need to cut the sheet along the full length and width unless you need it pretty.

How does it differ from the PEI sheet for the Mini?