First print n-vent filament quality issue

Just wanted to post some results with the new n-vent filament. I actually had a hard time getting the filament started in my Mini hotend, but once going using the n-vent fine profile from Lulzbot I saw issues when doing the infill portions that looked like the walls were breaking down. When the top fill portion came about, there were sections that failed as well (photos below). I haven’t had time to do more tests, but is this simply a temperature issue? I was using the profile unmodified which was 230c.

Wow, beautiful print aside from those top layers. I would increase bottom/top layer thickness and/or increase infill density. Let us know how the next prints go!

Thanks for getting back. I have printed the Companion cube ( )in the photos many times on my mini with both PLA and ABS using the default profiles and they printed well. Using the default n-vent fine profile on the same part yielded the failure I originally posted.

Although you can’t see it in the completed print, the infill pattern was breaking down in places and I think helped contribute to the failure of the infill on the top layers. Although hard to see in the photos, the overhangs on the corners are also drooping somewhat.

I still haven’t had a chance to repeat the tests, but as the cube is my test piece when trying new filament I was surprised by the output with the default fine profile from Lulzbot.

Once I have done more tests I’ll post the results…