First real test of my new Taz 5

So as some of you know ive had some difficulty with my taz 5 since i got it 2 weeks ago. Last week late i submitted for an exchange on amazon, as recommended by support.

Tonight i got my new one in.

within 10 minutes it was perfectly calibrated and level.

I printed a calibration cube just to make sure. 25mm cubed. furthest it was off was one side was 24.95mm. close enough for me.

I immediately started the torture test. I have to be completely honest, i didnt know what to expect for the arch etc. BUt it passed with flying colors. less than an hour after taking it out of the box to have PLA dialed in this well. Pretty awesome. Good work lulzbot.

100% untouched off the bed. I do find it strange there was still a TINY amount of abs that extruded 45 minutes in to the print. funny how that works. you can see it in the bottom right corner.

Nice looking calibration object!