Taz5 reincarnation

I had vanilla TAZ5 since 2017. It was running perfectly for few years and then I packed it up in the box and haven’t used it for 2-3 years. Few days ago I pulled it out of the box and did bit of maintenance and installed newest firmware. Running the calibration it just made a bit of a mess on the print bed. Need an advice what might be wrong…

I had a video but I cant upload. So screenshots from video. Excuse the blurriness :sweat_smile:

Looks like Z offset is too high.

Could also be because you’ve got 2-3 year old filament?

Those are both valid reasons. The only thing that confuses me is that gap between two extrusion lines. Nozzle was cleaned, but I suppose after updating firmware, maybe I need to re-calibrate the e-step…

If there’s no squish, the lines get pulled around and gaps can be normal to overlapping as it round the bend.

I changed the filament and also now BLTouch is enabled (up to the point). It prints better, but there seems to be an issue with top layer.

Bottom layer is somewhat OKish, still not great.

Edit: wrong post with initial answer.

Bottom definitely looks like the bed leveling isn’t working, it goes from too high to too low on the cube.

Top layer looks overextruded, verify the esteps.