first things to buy/do new taz 5

Hello all,

I finally pulled the trigger on a TAZ 5 with the holiday savings that is going on and I wanted to ask what the first things I should do once I get it are beyond the obvious like setting it up, leveling it, and printing the test octopus?

Are there certain tools you guys find that are helpful to buy or print myself? I am very new to 3d printing and this will be my first machine. I plan on making models and replica’s of movie/video game items etc. I have bought some epoxy glue, additional filament, and a few test paints to see what i would like.

What else would you suggest I buy/set-up/print myself that will save me hassle and time in the future?


You’ll probably want to start with PLA plastic. if you print with ABS you may want to get some Plastruct Plastic Weld glue. You will want a good part removal tool. Never pull up on the bed, always wedge things off. Mine is actually a Calephon Gadget’s Cheese wedge with the slicy bits taped over. You will also want a good set of Digital Calipers. For finishing, standard hobby modeling stuff will generally work. i use squadron model putty and model master or testors paints usually

A good part trimming knife (such a s a decent wood carving blade (not necessarily an X-acto knife, they are a little too sharp) and a hole reamer are both useful. I also use a Tandy Leather #4 leather edger tool to clean up Brim layers. It comes in very handy. You will also want to keep the pair of pliers that came with your tool kit handy. They work great for grabbing stray bits of plastic off the nozzle or off the bed.

Later you may want to look into getting heat set inserts and a soldering iron and tip to insert them. Makes bolting things on easy.

Someday, if you ever want greater accuracy, take a look at the modifications thread. There are a few interesting ones in there.

Yeah i have already ordered some PLA from matterhackers. I am looking to stay exclusively with PLA for now since I do not have an enclosure to print ABS in. It seems there are a lot of different tools to pry things off the bed with. I would be interested in hearing more about what everyone uses!

I never had problems removing my parts as long as the nozzle height is fine calibrated and the heatbed is not too hot. I’m using the knife that comes with the printer. Just hold it flat to the print bed and lift the part on one edge. If the part is not too flat, you maybe don’t even need a tool to remove it.
The proposed cheese cutter may be a good & easy method too.

Edit: With “fine calibrated nozzle height” I mean -0.01mm to +0.02mm. If you set a layer height of 0.2mm, I set it between 0.19-0.22mm. 0.21-0.22 is best for nice looking 1st layer and easy removal.

I would recommend a couple replacement nozzles, for use while unplugging your last nozzle used. :cry:

Also a Octave 3D printer toolkit A(chisel set) - I forget where I got mine. It has a flat and several curved chisels that I think you will find useful for cleaning your models with.

I use this Spatula and it works great. Super cheap add on if you have Prime too.

A tool to remove prints is a must. My tool of choice is a dental cement spatula. Get two, once you slide one under the print, use the other to work your way around.

Sebastian is also spot on with getting the proper nozzle height to aid with removing prints. Its going to be trial and error, but I find quantitative feedback from dial gauges to be great for bed leveling and setting nozzle height. I picked up two of these digital dial gauges from Amazon and use the following bracket from Thingiverse to attach to the x-rods. I put one on each side of the toolhead to measure the corners simultaneously:

Have fun printing!