Flexion vs E3D Titan Aero?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to expand on the capabilities of my Taz6. I’m printing a fair amount of flexible filament right now on my other machine and would like to start printing it on the taz also. I’d like to retain the ability to print PLA/ABS/PET type filaments without having to swap tool heads. Also I’d like to convert to 1.75 filament to maximize my filament $ while owning multiple machines. Anyone have any thoughts on flexion ht vs the titan aero?



The Aero is probably a bit better though if you want base thermal performance and short feed path.

I use various Flexion extruders with good results now. I’ve implemented them with both dual extrusion and stand alone for their HT(high temp) and standard solution. Be aware they are PTFE or partially PTFE lined hot ends–especially the standard will not be suitable for materials at high temps.

Also be aware that they lack the torque that would be necessary for high speeds since they are direct drive. It sounds like you are working commercially? I don’t have that issue and have no desire to push speeds higher than stock which the Flexion seems to work fine for.



Thank you both for your reply, I’m not using this commercially I just don’t know how to do anything in moderation :slight_smile: I’ve considered wiring up my own titan, but ITWorks just released a plug and play version that appeals to me as it is a simple install, and I like the design of the carriage better than what I’ve found so far. Then I noticed that there is a nice setup designed for dual extrusion with the flexion for nearly the same price point. Users of each setup seem to be very happy but wanted some additional opinions from folks running the taz.

A dual Titan Aero (using a standard and mirrored) would be interesting. The shorter distance between nozzles should help with leveling.