Printing Flexible filament on a TAZ 5 with the hexagon hot end

I have a TAZ 5 with the Hexagon hot end V2. I will be printing parts for my Quadcopters

Question 1: What do I need to be able to print flexible filament on my TAZ 5. Do I need a different extruder. Can I make one or buy one.

Question 2: What is the current flexible filament that most people are using (Ninjaflex, Semiflex, TPU, PCTPE or something else). Anyone prefer a specific vendor.

Question 3. Does anyone have a preferred filament type with a profile that works on the TAZ 5 with the standard Hexagon hot end V2

upgrade toolhead to a titan aero, you can print flexables with that

Question1: It really is a matter of the top end needing to be different to print TPU type filaments. So I would recommend the different extruder assembly to you.

Question 2: I learned how to print Ninja flex from the guy who came up with it.So I can print with them all anyway, since I have been printing with it since before it was available. Sorry!

Question 3 : You can not print TPU reliably with the standard tool-head top end.

You might try this. Simple enough to try before spending money on a new tool head.

I actually re-did the print head a little bit, I took this Lulzbot TAZ 5 Combo upgrade -Supports Removed by Menissalt - Thingiverse from thingiverse and modified it to hold a small piece of PTFE tubing right above the hot end. I’ve been printing gizmodork’s TPU at the same settings I use for PLA, with a little higher temperature and no retraction.
Lulzbot TAZ 5 Combo upgrade by discojon - Thingiverse is also a good upgrade, and allowed me to use the taz 6 fan set up on my 5.

I finally got my modified one on thingiverse.Lulzbot taz 5 ptfe upgrade by uopolymerlab - Thingiverse