Foil Tape Between Bed Heater and Glass

Has anyone ever looked into putting some cooper or aluminum tape between the bed heater and the glass to try and even out the hot and cold spots? I did a search on the forums but nothing like this hit. Maybe the 6 has a more even distribution of heat but I remember seeing thermal images of the 5’s bed and it is kind of wonky (

Yes, but not for that reason. I was trying to improve conductivity for an automatic bed leveling sensor. I eventually abandoned that approach in favor of just going wiht a 3/16" thick aluminum bed plate in place of the glass, which works much better since Glass is an insulator. Ironically I never really implemented leveling because I got tired of waiting for it to finish it’s grid.

With foil tape, you run into adhesion issues. The tape adheres well to the glass, but the heater pad or the PEI adhesive doesn’t adhere great to it and tends to lift away more readily than adhesive on glass with PEI alone.