For Sale Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D Printer w/ 2 Tool Heads & 5 New Filament Spools

Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D Printer w/ Single (V2.1) & Dual (V2) Extruder Tool Heads, $400 worth Filament Spools (5 New, 3 Used), tool kit, USB and power cables

NEW Spools:

White PLA

Ninjaflex semi flex

Ninjaflex snow

Nylon natural

PVA natural

Used Spools:

White PLA

White ABS

Hydrofill water soluable

Fully customizable and it’s a work horse. Getting rid of it due to moving to smaller place.

Extruders are in great condition. Please note that dual extruder heat sinks and nozzles need to be re-calibrated in order for smooth operation. Lulzbot support can provide instructions on how. PEI sheet is in good condition. I recently had the sheet replaced. Bed and extruders heat up evenly/properly. LCD and knob control work fine.

In great mint working condition with low usage. It’s been well taken care of. I am located in San Angelo Texas for pick up and I can also ship if that is fine.

Asking $1200

I would like to buy. do you have the original Lulzbot boxes? Will you ship to Utah 84414?

Yes i do have the boxes and I can ship out as well, all I need is your address. Please shoot me a mail at patsy 30 @ without the spaces. Thanks

I couldn’t get the email to work. Please call me at 801-721-6521 or send me an email with your phone number and I will call you.


pleasee call me at 801-721-6521

or email me at LSATTIMC5@GMAILCOM

Is your Taz 6 still available?

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I still have it available

Price Reduced to $1100

Does still available? I am interest in your Taz

I still have it available, please send me your email add when you can and I will get back with you ASAP. Thanks

Hi Petsy! Let me know more info about the printer! Thanks

El El dom, 31 de mayo de 2020 a la(s) 17:18, Patsy Sheehan via Lulzbot <> escribió:

Everything you need to know is on this ad, except I haven’t used it since it was posted up for sale. Thanks

Could you please tell me the hours the printing have? Send me pics of it

And how I can pay you?
You will send it with the original box and the filament you told, right?


El El lun, 1 de junio de 2020 a la(s) 8:03, Patsy Sheehan via Lulzbot <> escribió:

Hello Patsy30,

Is the TAZ 6 still for sale and would you be willing to sell just the Dual Extruder V2? I also sent you an email.


This printer is still available for sale.