For Sale - TAZ 5 Open rails X,Y,Z etc.

I’ve decided to sell my TAZ 5 and move on to other projects. I have no specific complaints at this time other that I just want something different. My machine was one of the first production models shipped when the 5 was made available. It initially had the power supply go bad but was replaced. I have been through several beds due to bubbles forming. The printer will ship in the original box with all original components minus the linear rods (used for other project).

I am replacing the cartridge heater and thermistor prior to sale.

Asking $2500 shipped with all of the below included. Photos coming soon.


Open Rails X, Y, and Z axis using Piercet’s designs
Capacitive Autoleveling enabled using a Omron Sensor (opto-isolated and voltage regulated)
Olive Dual extruder cooling fan, extruder mount, and 40mm heatsync fan
Raspberry Pi installed in the electronics case with Octoprint
Marlin 1.1 FW
Logitech c310 Camera


That’s a nice machine. I’d buy it if I didn’t already have too many 3d printers heh. That’s about as close to one of my setups as you are likely to find for sale all assembled!