New TaZ 5 Modification Path

I have now had my Taz 5 for about 5 days, prints just fine, granted my Printerbot Simple currently can print better, but thats because I have perfect Kisslicer profiles for it and it is extremely well tuned. That will change. I am starting this thread because I like to design parts, If I think I can make something better I will try, I will also share my files if others are interested.

So far I have ordered all of the supplies to do the openbeam X axis, The design of that axis is atrocious. Press in bearings not properly constrained, I was extremely disappointed to find that in a 2200$ product. The Y axis seams better, the bearings look like they might actually be pressed in. The X axis currently has play, the y is not measurable “by hand.”
These parts will be printed in Alloy 910.

After the X axis my next step is to replace all fans and i mean all of them with quieter fans. The control box will get a buck converter and be always on when printer is on. I believe the power supply is a drop in replacement. I will use 2 40mm fans in series for extrusion cooling. and the 5v hot end fan will be replaced by a 5v 40mm fan. I do not see any fan shrouds that I like currently that do what I want, so I expect to once again design another fan shroud. (ive done this at least a dozen times for different printers/extruders)

Next im thinking Y axis open beam.

Is there any modifications that I am forgetting completely that are almost necessary?

The taller extrude body modifications help stabilize the entire printhead, and the anti wobble can be useful if wobble is an issue on your printer.

Have you looked at the taz 6 extruder carriage or the reinforced and altered carriage for your fan mounting needs?

I have not, I assume it is in the development builds?

Found referenced materials, the taller extruder body looks genius, I also Added the Taz 6 Extruder mount to my list, with its fans.

You might also want to add one of the two micrometer Z endstop target mounts out there as well if you don’t plan on installing auto leveling. allows for extremely fine bed height control. There’s mine, which is a whole part replacement, and then the other one, which I think is more of a retrofit part. Adding the lightbars eventually also helps a bit to see the layer detail better. Plus it looks cool

I have found you need to be careful you do not supply too much cooling. With the little blower fan replaced with a larger 40 MM fan I could no longer reach even 280C to print with Polycarbonate. I also have had to change my profiles with the second fan on the extrusion layers to reduce cooling speeds. But they can only slow down so much before they quit turning/cooling, so you need to find fans that can run on a wide range of supply voltage.

Here is the olive (Taz 6) extruder carriage and the reinforced mount modified to work with it. Dual 24v cooling fans in parallel, inductive auto leveling sensor, and 40mm cooling fan. I also have all three axes converted to open beams (piercets parts) and have made acrylic endplates to reinforce it all.

Nice! I foresee doing the extruder carriage and the taller extruder, along with the open beam axis.

Any idea if anyone has ever used dual 12v fans in series on the 24v line?

First one I ever built I did that, and it seemed to work fine. YMMV.

My first ever nylon print.
Filament is alloy 910. Sliced with kisslicer a profile I came up with based on research.
The part is the first part for the openbeam upgrade.

That looks nice!

The x carriage was a tough print. I modified it to be sectioned on the back to help reduce warpage like the taz 6 version. I also added fillets to the lower corners to help reduce peal-up.

All in all I still got some minor warping, but the part came out pretty flat after I heated up to 100c on the heat bed and manually straightened it and then held it under cold water.

It will work perfectly.

I have to say piercet this looks to be an excellent upgrade I really hope you know that it is appreciated!

So I have now done the Open Beam X axis, Y will be in a few weeks or so and I may do the z at the same time. This upgrade removed all of the slop from the axis. They should seriously be sold this way. I also attempted to dye the nylon parts, but they didnt take the dye and just turned a dark amber. They look like they have sat in used motor oil, its not as bad as it sounds.

I also replaced all of the fans with some noctura fans, and added isolating dampeners to the x and y axis, it produces maybe a quarter of the noise it used to. The extruder gears are the loudest part of the printer, with the z axis being second. Im thinking printing the gears out of nylon may quiet them down some. I am not worried about the z axis since it is in little bursts. I will be adding cork gaskets to them when I disassemble it though.

I’m probably going to print the taller extruder body next.

I also ordered a 12" x 12" PEI sheet that is 1/8" thick to attempt making a removable build plate. The first one was warped so I tried baking it with 2 sheets of Aluminum clamped to it in the oven. It cracked. The new sheet arrived today, I think im going to put it on top of the taz’s bed at 110C and lay a sheet of aluminum over it or a 12 inch tile and leave it like that for most of the day.

well this update is done, thanks for the input, if you have more be sure to share.

Looks like it turned out great, I’m glad you are enjoying it!

I’ll have a new project in the works here shortly once I’m done being distracted by my cnc mill, that will be a belt drive, bondtech core extruder for standard filliament. Basically this one, but with a more standard idler arm. I mention it, because the belt drive extruders are usually a little quieter than the gear drive ones.

Thats funny because I was actually thinking of designing a belt drive extruder based upon the wades design. Ill see if the noise bothers me enough to do that.

I have another older belted extruder as well out there. It would need some update for a newer nozzle, but it could be retrofitted pretty easily. It’s closer to a traditional Wade style.

You didn’t do enough research if you didn’t encounter similar printers with aluminum extrusions as OEM parts. :slight_smile:

No where in my posts have I referenced what you are calling me out for. I have seen printers with this design. I stated that “they (lulzbot printers)” should be sold “this (that)” way.

Oh… sorry. I thought you were looking for a printer designed with extrusions instead of rods. Would make more sense than sinking in $2K on the printer and another $200 on upgrades… in turn voiding the support that came with the TAZ.

Ive been designing, and messing with 3d printers since I made a repstrap based on Darwin. I like to modify, warranties are ment to be broken, there is no printer out there that I wouldnt modify. I truly believe that I like the modification path better than anything else…