Forum feature request - board watch.

Would greatly appreciate a “Board Watch” email or at least RSS feed feature. Monitoring large discussion forums is often easier from my Inbox.


We’re running phpBB, which is really common. Do you know of a module/plugin in particular you like? If not, no big deal. I don’t know of one offhand, so we’d have to hunt around. Can you explain a bit more exactly what you want? Like emails of all the posts or what?



Feeds are enabled. You can see here:

There are other options to the feeds, but I don’t know them all offhand.


Modifications are available to expand email functionality. “Board Watch” seems to have been maintained most recently.

“Emails of all the posts” is precisely what I was asking for. In addition to my desktop email clients, this allows me to quickly read new posts from an Android client.

Subscribed, thanks!