Forum Update

I’ve updated our forum to the latest phpBB.

As you may have noticed, the theme/skin is gone. I thought it was better to have good code running than a pretty theme, at least for now. We’ll get that updated at some point too. FYI.

Let me know if you see any other issues.


I like blue. Blue is good!

Are you guys going to turn on the polling option?

You mean so a forum post can have a poll in it?


Yeah, that one. For example you could put a poll right in this text here. There would normally be a poll tab down at the bottom. I figure its turned off by default or you guys have it off for a reason.

Green is my favorite color! :wink:

OT but maybe interesting – on one of the Star Trek TNG DVD’s is an interview with some of the special effects people (my googling suggests it would S5, but I couldn’t locate the clip online) who had a saying: “If you can’t make it good, make it blue.”

Ya, it will be all lulzbot green themed, but not too intense for reading, i think it is getting cranked out now.

The new header and theme are live! If you are reading this post, you can already see these changes :unamused: :slight_smile:

Love it! :wink:

Hi Jeff, would be nice to have some email notification for forum posts (subscribe a board), or is it disabled by intention?


Is the “” on the left working as intended? Seems a bit out of place, and looks weird on mobile also.

Nice catch, thank you discojon. We updated versions and some configuration was thrown off. This has since been fixed.

Now I’m sad the logo is gone :frowning:


Heh I saw this on mobile, it’s like whack a mole :unamused: