Forum fix please!

Please fix the forum a bit, I just typed up an hour long thing on my issues with the V3 extruder head, including possible solutions to help everyone… And I forgot to triple check my copy of it. Of course I got autologged out and the huge amount of text disappeared. I may get back to it. Or we may all lose the info :frowning: (I know this is going in the wrong place, but if I leave it’s going to get deleted again I’m sure, so maybe just a mod can move this while I try to laboriously remember my huge post).

Same thing happened to me. Super annoying.

Use the “Save draft” option when creating your post to save your posts as you create them. The timeout is set to over an hour, as long as you’re saving your work as you go it’ll still be there. Thank you for taking the time to write up such a detailed post, we hope you recreated that.