Forum is different this morning.

Woah, That’s different looking.

Hey, I can see the buttons again though!

Just about every time we update phpBB it breaks the theme. We’re working on small changes to at least get rid of the wood panel look…

Hmm, can’t see some of the buttons anymore from work now. Will check and see if I can see them when I get home still. All the formatting ones are blank, the edit report etc.

Just checked the editing and it ~works. We’ll need to come up with the lulzbot theme for phpBB. Sorry for inconvenience.

I can see them again now. Weird. they were awol for a minute there.

Finally figured out the disappearing reappearing icon thing. It’s Internet Explorer. I switch browsers randomly all day (I work in IT) and the icons and labels work fine in chrome, and are gone in IE completely. So your forum is very difficult to use in IE.

They also work in Edge. Just not IE.

This is what the forum looks like in IE on all computers I have checked still. Please note the lack of formatting buttons labels.