Frequent nozzle change (.35-.50) and Bed Leveling

I’m interested in other peoples experiences. I frequently change nozzle sizes between my .35 and .5 nozzle due to different types of models and resolution that I want to print at. For the longest time when I would switch my nozzle I wouldn’t think about leveling the bed. I always thought of those as separate activities. In fact, truth be told, I mostly thought of bed leveling as making sure that there was no tilt to the bed. Yes, I knew that the nozzle needs to be a certain height off of the bed but for whatever reason I never correlated that when changing nozzles.

Periodically I would raise and lower the bed using the stock Bed Leveling file provided by Lulzbot. So, coincidently when I would have my .35 nozzle on AND I set the bed height correctly I had really great prints including prints that did not stick as dramatically to the bed as other times which always seemed to puzzle me. Then if I would switch to my .5 nozzle and not address the level (meaning it was still set for the .35 nozzle), I was continually baffled by the fact that the bases of my prints seems to always be flared out (As if the bed was too hot and the lower few mm were sinking into it) AND those prints felt like they were super glued to the bed.

Of course now, i feel a bit like an idiot for not ever putting that together in my head. So i wanted to share my experience in the event that it may help some of you if you happen to switch nozzles with any frequency or even if it helps you mentally separate the ‘tilt’ aspect of bed leveling from the ‘height’ aspect. I’m now so ‘in tune’ with my printer that i can swap the nozzle, make a quick half turn on all corner bed screws, start the Bed Level file while making subtle adjustments as the head moves across the bed all in about 3 minutes.


I only have to adjust my Z home height when I change nozzles/hot-ends. Never had to level the bed once so far.