Gantry lighting for a Taz or an AO-10x printer

Another minor development project, this one is an offshoot of LED strips that someone else made, but mounting brackets I made to fit them to a TAZ or an AO-10x frame (or any other mendelmax type frame for that matter)

Project is here:

I’ll also have some end caps here eventually to hopefully hide the wires a bit better.

If anyone wants design files or dwg’s for these, let me know.
lightclip_join.stl (11.4 KB)
lightclip.stl (60.6 KB)
LedStripMountBar.stl (47.2 KB)

I like it!!! Another successful Piercet Project.

Still have to find the right four piece connectors to wire mine up.

Glad you like it! There’s going to be another ring light on the actual X axis carriage itself too, but that’s not far enough along yet to post.

What kind of connectors are you looking for? DIgikey or ebay should have pretty much any of them. the problem is figuring out what they are actually called heh.

I am not sure which connectors exactly. I am looking for a something a little smaller then the connector or Budaschnozzle 1.3. The problem is I don’t know what gauge the RGB wire I have is and it wasn’t listed by the supplier. I am sure once I search around a bit I can find a method online.

Ok, I don’t get it. Thats what I wrote in the other thread. why is it posted in this one?

Maybe you have a stalker? Lol

Not only are your designs being duplicated and used by others, your comments are as well!

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Thanks for cleaning the spammer!

Here’s one side of the lights lit up. I’m waiting on the 2 pin disconnects before I add in the other side light, that and I apparently suck at soldering wires to thin plastic light strips

edit: ignore the wire mess, that’s just temporary wiring. THe final product will be cleaner.

Second side is on, and everything is quite bright. I don’t think i’ll need to worry about running that ring light around the extruder nozzle at all. I still plan on making some end caps to hide the wiring better, but aside from those this one is done. Yay!

Here are the promised endcap wire hideing pieces.

Endcap_B.stl (93.7 KB)
endcap R_L.stl (98.9 KB)