TAZ 4 Lights

Added some strip lights to my Taz.
The first brackets I downloaded were 6" long and the filament tube get getting caught on the joint where two came together. So I stretched out the length to 12" long and also made a few that were 3". Nice to be able to print larger items on the diagonal. These are just bright white, no fancy colors.

Looks nice! I see that you are using my brackets. There is also a set of endcaps and wire guides that will fit on those available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:238238

I’m also working on a different lightbar that prints as a one piece assembly with 3 wider bracket pieces up in the development section of the forum specific to the TAZ. It’s basically the same thing except the lightbar is thicker and It requires fewer brackets, and has a pocket for recessing the endcaps. If you want editable files of any of those parts, just let me know which ones and what file formats

Very shiny looking TAZ there though

I didn’t realize those were yours. Thank you kindly, very nice work.

One thing that was weird for me though was that when I printed the first set the bracket didn’t fit into the slot on the bar. Not the Taz bar but the 6" plastic piece. The Bracket and Slot match perfectly when looking at the model in Blender, but when printed the round channel shrunk… So i made it about 1mm larger diameter and then it fit. I also thickened the top of the strip to add plastic back in where I had to cut it away for the increased channel size.
So far most things with holes print the holes smaller than they should be, not sure why yet.

I downloaded the end caps, may use them if I put lights vertically up the TAZ rails.

Thanks again, maybe we’ll see each other at the 3D expo.
Happy printing!

Nice mod. How are you powering the LEDs?

+1 ??

I have a similar setup based on piercet’s design. I have mine connected to the electronics box fan circuit. It has been working that way for months. I also added a RF led control switch so I can turn them on or off and adjust the brightness, if necessary.


Excellent, many thanks!

Sorry, missed this.
I powered my lights via a small ac/dc converter. I wanted to be able to turn them on/off outside the TAZ circuitry as I don’t have them on all the time. Just turn them on when I want some more light, when not needed, I turn them off. Save a bit of power that way.