Gcode for OctoPrint bed visualizer for the Mini2

Hi I need the Gcode to use to set up the bed visualizer plug-in for Octoprint. Has anyone done this?

Thanks in advance for any pointers, ideas, etc.


The bed visualizer plugin for OctoPrint is intended to be used with printers that use mesh leveling (i.e. some kind of probe on the bed surface). The Mini 2 doesn’t use that kind of leveling so the data necessary for the plugin to work isn’t available.

Ok maybe, but I used G29 T1, and I did eventually get a bed map. It does do a similar but different leveling action, in that the wipe is different, but you get back a report with the bed map. My bed is down -0.4 on two opposite corners, and up 0.3 on the other corners, and my prints come out great. That’s 0.7 total difference, so it must be doing something to take that “unflatness” in account.


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