New Heated Bed

Hello all,

Just a simple question. I am wanting to get a new heated print bed. The one that I currently have has some grooves/indentations in it that are starting to mess some of my prints. I would like to have the same one that came with my TAZ 5. I found this link on the Lulzbot website:

Is this the same bed? And if not, do any of you know where I could get one?

Much thanks,

Jacob R.

It looks like that’s just the PCB part of the heatbed, not the glass or the PEI. Not sure if it matches the TAZ5 either. You can try doing what I did when i had a similar problem (accidentally was running the head into the bed) and get some 400 grit sand paper and try to carefully remove the gouges if they aren’t too deep. I’ve had decent luck with that but obviously you can only do that so many times so I’ve been searching for a completely replacement myself.

That is not the same heated bed. That’s an older one that was used on the AO-101 and AO-100 printers. You need this one: and a glass plate and a PEI sheet with adhesive

You might call Lulzbot directly and see if they will sell you an assembly.

If you have to replace the bed and build your own, I’d also highly recommend using a 12" x 12" x 3/16" aluminum plate instead of the glass. I just switched over to that on mine, and the difference in adhesion is amazing. I have the bed corner STL for using the slightly larger aluminum plate if you want them .

Thanks for the responses guys. I’ll get in touch with Lulz and see if they’ll sell me an assembly like you suggested Piercet, as that would be easiest, but in the mean time would you mind going ahead and letting me take a look at those STLs? If I have to assemble one myself I would like to go ahead and swap the glass plate for an aluminum one.

Sure, I’ll post them when I get home tonight.

Great! Thank you.

Here you go!

You need 4 of those, each with 1 3mm heat set insert in them. You reuse the existing finger tab keeper thingies and the screws and the springs.

I used this metal plate:

It’s got an acceptable finish. No major bumps or bends. The edges do need a file ran over them to remove burrs. If you can find a toolplate grade 3/16" plate that would be preferable, but I was unable to source one. Pei sheet and adhesive goes on top, silicone heater goes on bottom, level as usual etc.
bedcorner Z.stl (201 KB)