hardened X rods

Where can I get hardened X rods to replace the ones on my Taz 3? IT-Works does not seem to have them.

Most people got them from mitsumi, or just rolled the dice and ordered 10mm hardened rods off ebay. If you do a search in the forums here you should find a couple of sources and part numbers.

I might just end up doing your v-rail mod.

I have a set I’ll sell. Pm me.

I would highly recommend the V-rail over buying hardened rods and bearings. I’ve done both. The v-rail is faaaaaaar superior. :smiley:

I agree, but in really want to get rid of these hardened rods and bearings for cheap!!!

I ordered $100 something dollars of hardened rods and jsb bearings but ended up doing Piercet’s openrail conversion the week after

Yeah, I decided to skip that route and spent about $250 in the open build store to upgrade the XYZ axis. Now if I can just find the X aluminum plates…