Taz 5 Build

Hey all

first post and i need your help.

i am starting to piece together the parts needed to build a Taz 5, i have lengths to build the frame, all the files for the printed parts, i have links ready for the polymer and regular bearings, motors and threaded rod links.

the parts i am struggling to locate here in the UK are,

  1. Threaded rods of the z axis
  2. Rambo enclosure (even printed ones)
  3. Those threaded insert things (i have searched the forum and have looked at all the links but no luck, spent hours on google searching)
  4. Any form of tech spec drawing of the laser cut corners (i have STL files to print but wand something more long term), Y end plates and the X end plates (if anyone is willing to do any laser cutting for me and can post to UK, or is offering this already in the UK please let me know)
  5. This is just to complete the look, the Taz name plate for the top rail

i think that’s all i need to find for the time being, if anyone can help me out, its you guys


I purchased the lead screws directly from Misumi. (http://us.misumi-ec.com/)
The inserts can be purchased from McMaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/)
Techsavvy34 sold me the aluminum corner brackets and end brackets that you are looking for.

does misumi ship internationally?

i know Mcmaster-Carr does not, I’ve been looking at Dodge inserts but suppliers not shipping to UK.

when i get as far as assembly i will be contacting Techsavvy34 for a price on a full set

Are you sure the following does not carry them?


You can purchase inserts here as well.


Ask I-T-W.com if they will ship parts to you over there. You can get a stock controll box, the metal plates, bed pieces, leadscrews, bearing rods, etc. from them. i don’t know if they ship that far though. they might do it by request?

thanks for all the links guys

looks like most of what i need is all in place, time to spend some money