Has anybody tried IGUS iglide Tribo-filament yet?

So i recently got some 3mm iglide (iglidur) Tribo filament samples from IGUS recently and have been using it to test making linear bearings. It seems to be a very smooth material and seems excellent for this purpose. I will say that the white I180-PF is the one i liked and was easy to work with and would definitely buy a spool. The yellow J260 stuff was over extruding badly and was not sticking to itself very well and the parts were somewhat brittle. I did get one slider piece that seemed to come out ok, but it did have slight warping on the corners, but otherwise was fine.



You can order your 3mm samples here:

@i-t-w.com, since i get most of my filament spools from you i would like to request that you get some IGUS iglide I180-PF 3mm filament for me to order. Same goes for AO / Lulzbot themselves too.