Having major trouble leveling bed on TAZ 5

I am currently at the end of ideas on how to level the bed on my TAZ 5. I have followed all the supplied information on leveling the print bed as well as having viewed the suggested youtube demo several times and I still cannot get the bed to come out level. The extruder nozzel has the slight pull on paper between the nozzel and print bed in the homed left front corner. But when I turn off the steper motors and move the extruder to the right front corner, I have a clearence of around 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch between the extruder nozzel and the print bed and there is not enough adjustment in the bed to overcome this gap. I am currently thinking about putting shims between the print bed frame and where it attaches to the frame of the LULZBOT 5. If that works, I know that the level of the bed from left to right and from front to back will proably be off and then I will need to place shims under the LULZBOT 5 frames feet so that I can level out the print bed in reference to plumbing up the material coming out of the extruder so that the material is deposited level to the print bed. Does anyone have another suggestion on what could be wrong and how to fix it before I make the changes I am thinking about. Thanks for all suggestions.

One of your Z axis motors is out of sync with the other one. Power down the taz and unplug the motor on the right, then manually turn the leadscrew until the nozzle is level with the bed in the far right corner, plug it back in and power the TAZ back up and move it through the rest of the bed surface, checking as you go. Also check for a cable pinched between the Y axis bed frame and the main frame that may be preventing the machine from being level.

You never want to turn the motors by hand with them still plugged into the TAZ Rambo board. Turning a motor turns it into a generator, which sends electricity back down the control runs and into the small grain of rice sized fuses on your rambo board. They will eventually fail.

Also double check that the bed assembly is screwed firmly and evenly to the frame.

If you need more adjustment on the corners, try tightening the higher side… rather than loosening the lower side. Specifically for your case: give the left side a few turns, rehome the z-axis… the right side should be closer to level.