Leveling issues

After a frustrating time trying to get the TAZ 5 properly level, I measured the distance between the X-axis rod and the top of the frame and it turns out that theres about a 3mm difference between the left and right side – the right side of the rod beeing about 3mm higher than the left side.

The difference is more than I’m able to adjust for with the screws, and to get it as good as possible I have to turn the z-axis screw all the way in.

Does anyone have any suggestion about how to remedy this?

I had a similar problem. So this is what I did:


  1. I took the little ruler that comes with the taz and made a little jig that slips over it with tension and allows me to set a “stop” point.
  2. Move your Z-axis to to the home position and disengage your motors.
  3. Place the end of the ruler on top of the metal plate (I prefer using the left side), and move the stop you put on the ruler until it touches the X-Axis lower rod. This is your reference height
  4. Next, move your ruler to the right side and repeat the measurement. Rotate the coupler where the Z-axis motor connects to the threaded shaft by hand until the rod hits the stop on your ruler.

Now your X-Axis is level with the metal plate (and presumably, with the whole rig)

Now, I would suggest you screw your bed screws all the way down. Don’t get aggressive, just get them all to a baseline. Now, Unscrew each one the same number of rotations until you have half the screw raised. No it’s not scientific, but will get you really close to level.

Now reset your stop point screw by following the directions. You should find that once you get the gross height worked out with the stop screw ans piece of paper, the bed leveling screws will only need minor tweeks to get consistnat height around your bed.

Good luck.

Awesome, thanks!
After adjusting the coupler, and re-leveling the bed the performance of the printer is much, much better!

Sweet. I love it when a plan comes together. :slight_smile: