Heat creep on some brands of PLA

I have been struggling with heat creep with my TAZ 5 when printing with PLA. Both white esun and blue Colorfabb PLA will jam and grind filament 2-3 hours into a print. But when I print with White Verbatim PLA I dont have any issues and can print 40+ hour print with out any issues. Lulzbot even replaced my original tool head. Does anyone have any insight into what could be causing this? Is this just a limitation of the current toolhead from lulzbot with the stock fan?

I have 7 colors of esun in use, printing non stop in my free time with print time up to around 10h/part. Not a single problem with it. .

You might have a failing extruder cooling fan. I had a horrible PLA jam on my Taz 5 when it was brand new. Lulzbot rebuild my toolhead and I have not had a problem since then. I suspect the fan was bad. It was spinning but it didn’t make the same sound as the new one. Their tech line indicated they have had some problems with that small fan.

Well when I replaced the original toolhead colorfabb PLA did work for about a week. Then I started to see the heat creep. I also have a hunch that power supply might have an issue as I occasionally see the LCD go crazy and the fan on the power supply will whine.