Heated Enclosure

Been trying to get better prints from some of the trickier filaments. Put together a makeshift enclosure. With the bed at 100F the temp in the enclosure is 80F. I asked the maker of one of these filaments what temp they recommend in the enclosure, and he said 50C which is 122F. Is that advisable? Will the stepper motors and other Lulzbot parts hold up at that temp?

Hello myeager,

You will not want your enclosure to be that hot. that will possibly damage components on the RAMBo. If you build an enclosure, the hot end and the heat bed will heat the enclosure to a good temperature for printing difficult materials like ABS.
Our cabinets here run about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They are that way from just the heat produced by the printer.
I hope this will help.

I hear ya. The Rambo enclosure is outside the enclosure I put together. More along the lines of this TAZ 5 enclosure. https://printedsolid.com/collections/enclosures/products/lulzbot-taz-5-safety-enclosure-kit I think it should stay cool, but I will keep an eye on it. I was more concerned about the stepper motors and printing head. I thought I might try heating it to 100 to see if that makes for better prints, will that be too hot for the stepper motors?

Everything but the electronics will be OK. 50c is about where I run mine (in winter it drops a bit lower) and I have been using it like that for ABS for a little over 2 years now.

On mine I have a cutout in the side of the box so the electronic box is open to the air and the built in fan is good enough to keep it running cool that way.

Thanks. That helps. What kind of a heater do you use to keep it at 50C?

During the summer, often the heated bed and hotend are enough (with motors and such). I also use a ceramic heater (used for lizards and snakes and can be bought in many different wattages) I use the 40w version.