Printer Enclosure - Importance of enclosure temperature?

Hi all,

I have seen a few folks putting enclosures around their printers. I have wondered that I haven’t seen any temperature read out of what the temperature is inside the enclosure. Does anyone have experience with enclosure temperatures and if there is a temperature that works best.

I may be off in left field in that the enclosures may just be used for cold breezes hitting the print. If that’s the case my question wouldn’t be important.

But, if an enclosure is put over to keep the “print” area warmer and closed off from outside breezes, I would imagine an enclosure temperature of X would work better than other temperatures. One could run a fan, switched to maintain XX enclosure temp if that is the case providing a consistent enclosure temperature.

So, am I over thinking an enclosure? Looking to here back from you all!


Here are some thermocouple readings from the cluster. One is measured about 150mm above the bed, one is measured about 10mm above the x-motor.

I saw a printer once that had be run in an actively heated enclosure. The printed parts softened and warped which led to some pretty bad binding on the x-carriage and a lot of slop between the double bearing holders and the bushings. The point is, there is a limit to how hot you want to go. I wouldn’t push it past 200 degrees F. It is also possible to overheat the motors, though I don’t know exactly how hot the ambient temperature can be before that happens.

Hello, I’ve also considered building an enclosure for my Taz. I’m wondering, would it be ok for the printer to just build a big transparent box around it? Is the heat from the machine itself enough to make a difference or is it mainly lack of draft that makes a difference? Can it get too hot and damage the electronics without external heating?

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