Heater Cartridge question

I was thinking about purchasing a few heater block cartridges as back ups for those “just in case” moments. I know that the Taz 5 uses a 24v 30watt heater cartridge. I found a deal on a pack of two 24v 40watt heater block cartridges for the same price as one of the 24v 30 watt units. Could the 40 watt unit be used if its dimensions are the same as the original in the Hexagon extruder head? I don’t think it will draw more power if I continue using the same profiles I have been using, I should just be able to get higher temperatures from it if I’m not mistaken. Or would I need to modify the 40 watt unit with a resistor to lower the output wattage?

I am running a 24V 40W heater on my Taz 5 in a E3D V6. No problems. I did run the PID auto tune after swapping hotends. At 24 volts, the 40 watt E3D heater is less than 3 amps. That circuit is fused at 5 amps.

Keep in mind the heaters don’t fail often. I have thousands of printing hours across five different printers. I have never had to replace a heater cartridge. You can get a quality unit from E3D for $12 shipped. To me, it wouldn’t be worth having an unknown quality part at the core of my printer. From a cost, durability and safety standpoint, I would go with a quality unit from Lulzbot or E3D.

Just to piggyback on this thread, i would like to know if it is possible to determine what voltage a heater cartridge is rated at. For example, i think at one point i bought a 12v heater cartridge awhile back. I would hate to use a 12v cartridge in a 24v circuit. Is there a way to test them? Do each put out a certain amount of resistance or something measurable and calculatable?

The 24 volt one will read about 19 ohms, and the 12 volt about half that. (if they are the same wattage that is.) :laughing:

Here is the info for the E3D units. I am sure Lulzbot can tell you what their parts should be.

12v/25w: 5-6 ohms
12v/40w: 3-4 ohms
24v/25w: 19-24 ohms
24v/40w: 9-12 ohms

The units in question are from the same manufacturer that supplies Lulzbot. I just work in an industry where I have access to parts direct from the manufacturer. They normally stock the standard 24v 30 watt version that Lulzbot carries, but offered me the 2 pack 24v 40w option and was considering it for the possibility of using it at higher temps. Not to aid in printing but for combing. Also I am stocking up on “just in case” items. When we get into our new facility about our Taz is in its new enclosure, it will be running at all times when the business is open so customers can see it in action. It will also be used extensively after hours for my own prototyping and product development needs.

Im upgrading to the Dully v2, upgrading the belts and pulleys, and printing as many components as I can to have on hand because you never know what can happen. When our Taz first arrived we had no idea it was damaged in shipping until I started to print parts taller than 40mm. One of the corner brackets had cracked and separated so the machine would wobble when the X and Z axis would get above 40mm. We couldn’t even see the break in the part until we moved the printer to a room that had more climate control and a more stable bench. Alphobjects sent us a replacement under warranty, but the wait was excruciating.

Sounds like a good deal.

The 40 Watt heater over the 30 watt will heat up and recover faster is really the only difference between them. It will not get hotter or anything like that. Oh! plus be able to draw more power from your power supply during warm-up. :wink: :laughing: