upgrading lulzbot 4 to 24v

Hi all,

I was wondering, what are the advantage / reason people upgrade to 24V?


Well a year ago I had the 12 volt Taz 2.1 printer and the problem was with me and I believe a lot of other people is that the Hot Bed kept breaking down or more to say that the heating sensors in the heat bed would burn out.

My upgraded Taz runs a lot smoother and don’t sound like it is straining to print. The heat bed has not given me any troubles what so ever and its going to be going on a year with this 24 volt heat bed. I don’t print every day, but recently with this Air Duct I’m printing for my water cooler for computer with 2 Delta Fans that run 5200 RPMS. I been printing for 5 days straight and only having 5 hours down time for personal interruptions. Other than that no issues.

LOVE THE 24 VOLT HEAT BED UPGRADE… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the caps, but you just don’t know how much I love this 24 volt heat bed compared to that 12 volt…Heat Bed.

But that had nothing to do with Lulzbot. They bend over back for their customers.

The TAZ 4 is 24v already, FYI.

oh snaps. I looking through the OHAI-kit and saw that upgrade and i was just wondering. I see no point in upgrading to 24V while you have 24V…