Help Finding Taz Pro Stepper Motors

I would like to purchase the stepper motors used on the Taz Pro Z axis but cannot find them. Here is what I know about the motors:

  • Moons Stepper Motor

  • Model is 4118S-08P-07RO

  • 5:1 reduction

Does anybody know where I can get these?

Have you tried emailing and asking to purchase. That’s what I have done when I needed a part not listed on site.

Did you have any luck finding a source for these stepper motors Jonathan?

I contacted Lulzbot and they said I could buy them here: They buy these motors in bulk for $56 each, so I may be waiting until they are listed on the Lulzbot parts store to see if they are cheaper.

Thanks for the information Jonathan. Let’s hope the price is good when Lulzbot stock them.