motors help

I’m currently laid-up and having to work in partial darkness… all say “ahhhhhh”

I am trying to catalogue my bits and order spares… can anybody let me know the voltages of the various stock motors on a taz 6 and extruders inc moarstruder and flexydually


All of the motors on a Taz, moarstruder, extruders, X, Y Z axis, etc. are this Moons Motors NEMA 17 unit:
MS17HD6P4150-01-B Moons Motors
Mounting specification: NEMA 17
Rated Current: 1.5 A
Winding Resistance: 2.2 Ohms
Holding Torque: 88 oz/in

with the exception of the Dual extruders and the FLexi-dualy which uses this half height NEMA 17 unit:
SY42STH33-1504A Songyang Motor
42mm motor mount frame (NEMA 17)
High torque hybrid stepping motor
Motor case length 34mm
1.50A current rating
4 wire with bare ends (not shown in photo)
Single shaft

The power system of the TAZ in almost all cases is 24v DC, powered off the power supply that converts AC to DC (110ac to 24vdc in the USA for example) Very old Taz units (Taz 1, possibly Taz 2) may have used 12v power supplies. If you have a 12v unit you should consider upgrading to 24v (replace heated bed, nozzle heater core and PSU)

Realistically you can use almost any NEMA 17 motor with the RAMBO board. some of them are going to have additional microstepping, better torque and power characteristics, etc. The Moons motors in particular are quite nice, and even an older Taz that uses the previous style motors will benefit from installing those in my experience.