Help with PET-G please!

Hi all,
I’m hoping one of you lovely people can help me out and spot where I’m going wrong!
I Have two 8 month old Mini’s that I print every day on and that rarely give me any failed prints at all no matter what filament I use, I’ve experimented with all sorts of PLA filaments, all from the same very respected supplier, 3dFilaprint.
But now I’ve hit a huge roadblock and have spent 7 hours and 9m of filament with nothing but fail after fail and I really need to know what I’m doing wrong as I’m trying to print a box for my daughter’s engagement ring so her boyfriend can surprise her…failure isn’t an option here!!!

The filament is new to me, it is 3dFilaprint’s Red Transparent PET-G ( I have only used PLA before) it’s transparent and super shiny which I think is what’s creating the problem, because no matter what I do this filament just refuses to stay stuck to my print bed.
I have cleaned the beds
I have tried it on both machines
I have tried the design in regular PLA and it printed without a hitch
It has a print temp range of 195-220C so I’ve started at the lowest and worked up to the max in 5C increments
It has a bed temp of 35-60C so I’ve taken it up from min to max in 5C increments
I have tried the hairspray on the bed trick
I have tried the glue stick on the bed trick
I’ve tried setting the fan to come on at a higher build level
I have tried printing it with a brim
I have tried printing it with a raft
None of these got me a single layer that would stay adhered to the bed.
What am I doing wrong guys?

Lets see what we can do!

First, we do recommend using a glue stick on the bed. This will help prevent damage to your PEI.

We have recently begun testing PETg from a few different companies, and have our profiles included in the 2.6.67 branch of Cura LulzBot edition. If you would like to download and install the 2.6.67 version, it can be found here: (The 3.1.xx branch is not functional yet, please use 2.6.67) Looking the profiles over, it appears we use 75c on the bed for one of them. This may help!

After setting up and flashing your printer, you can select the “experimental” option from the drop down. We have Polymaker PETg and Chromastrand Labs PETg profiles available at the moment. From our testing experience, a lot of PETgs print very similarly and this will be a great starting point for you.

If you would like to stay using Original Cura, we suggest starting with the nGen or Inova 1800 profiles. These use Amphora materials, which are quite similar to PETg. (We based the PETg profiles off of these base items.)

A couple of notes from your posted settings:
From reports, we have most PETgs printing in the 225c - 240c range for the hot end. We print at 230c.
Bed can be upped to 75c, be sure to use a glue stick to prevent PEI damage.
If you are still having issues with adhesion, please post a photo of the first layer. We may need to adjust Z-offset.

Let us know how it goes we are here to help!

P.S. We hope she says yes!!!

Thank you guys! <3
I shall try those suggestions right away!
Thank you :slight_smile:

(Oh she will say yes…she’s been waiting 5 years for him to get around to asking!)