Helpful Links!

That was an awesome troubleshooting page. I wish Cura had one like that.

No longer a link to anything helpful. Just a store even though it is cool.

Many thanks for helpful materials!

Thanks for sharing these links. These are very helpful especially the Subreddits. I have subscribed to these subreddits & would like to have some good information.

Such a big help. thanks

I’ve found a service to start your own business in 3D printing. It is pretty helpful for beginners and, I guess, quite a convenient system to use.
Here is a link:

Thank for sharing such useful links!

At the beginning I have studied several tutorials from this
Also, tutorial on sculpteo was quite useful for me.

Someone can help me, in the download list I found an impossible gear, but the file is one piece. Does anyone have this file in separate parts? I need it to print the pieces individually.


This file is designed for printing with a dual extruder with dedicated water soluble support material. You should be able to load the model in legacy Cura LulzBot Edition (v21.08 or older, available in the sidebar), right click on the model, and select “Split model into parts”.

wow, very helpful links, thx a lot, it saved me a lot of time

G-code and M-code for Marlin specifically, therefor Lulzbot:

This is better than trying to use the RepRap wiki, which lists multiple code flavors.

Front and center, thanks for the update!

Thanks for sharing these awesome links.

Can you give me some clearer explanations please, because I’m new to the forum!


Since you are new, I’ll forgive you this time. Please try to ask specific questions with as much detail as possible. The better your questions, the better the answers.

All files has been provided by Andiatep no less. Ill update or add links without issue or delay if he sends me additional files. Just see with him.