I’m literally a beginner to 3D printing and decided I wanted a hobby that was indoors, so I thought 3D printing seemed like a great idea so i bought a Lulzbot Taz 6, first day i printed a rocktopus with n gen and that went more or less okay. So i decided to use ooznest 1.75mm PLA and go for the lamp that looks like a pixar lamp and nothing has gone right since. My Lulzbot keeps saying failed in probing or nozzle wiping and then if it does print the beginning of the print looks absolutely terrible to the point i just have to abort it. Oh and another thing when i used the manual it started not to match on the cura because i downloaded the new one, and it wont let me upload the thingiverse files (yes i extracted the folder) so i had to use the ultimaker cura and convert the .stl to .gcode that way. Anyway the whole point of this rant is i really don’t want to give up and i want to actually become good at this but i dont know where im suppose to start to get it right. So any good beginners guide or example profiles on how to set this up properly so i can get to grips with this. Thanks

By default, the LulzBot TAZ 6 uses 2.85mm filament. While it is possible to use 1.75mm filament, I would consider that an advanced user option and by your own admission, you aren’t there yet!

I would suggest using CuraLE as your slicer. Ultimaker Cura (and others) can be used but again, I would consider that an advanced user option.

Back to filament, I would suggest you get some 2.85mm PLA. You can purchase some from the LulzBot store or somewhere else, but stick to brands that already have a material profile defined in CuraLE. As an advanced user, you will be able to modify or develop profiles for other filaments.

To advance from a beginner to an advanced user is not difficult, it just takes time and experience. Start with simple projects and move to more complicated projects as you gain experience and confidence. These forums can provide you with help when you need it as long as you are willing to provide details on what you have tried and details about what didn’t work. In addition to becoming an advanced 3D printing user, you will advance your skills in other areas such as photography and even video making.

LulzBot support is available by phone or email 24/7 and they will take the time necessary to help you through even the smallest of problems.